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"And Jesus turned, and saw two men following, and said, What do you seek" (John 1:38)?

One day Jesus saw two men following Him. He turned to them asking, "What do you seek?" It could have been to satisfy their curiosoty. Or they may have wanted to know more about Him. He invited them to spend the day with Him. We are not told what they talked about, but when they returned, Andrew said, "WE have found the Messiah." His search was fulfilled in Jesus Christ.

If the Lord were to ask US today, "What do you seek?" What would our answer be? Are we seeking material things, a new home, new car, new furniture, pleasures, fame, social position? Many of these things are attractive, many are good. Yet many of these have not brought the satisfaction we expected. We are still longing for something more, something we do not have. Only inner peace and fulfillment, not material possessions, bring satisfaction.

There was once a young girl who had a strand of pearls that she treasured very much. One evening when her father came home, he asked her if she would give him her pearls. Although they were only imitation, she prized them highly. How could she part with them? As her father continued to hold out his hand, she quietly considered his request. Finally she slowly went to her room for the pearls. As she returned, she dropped them into his hand. Then he reached his hand into his pocket, drawing out a box which he placed in her hand. As she opened it, she gazed on a beautiful strand of real pearls.

What are we seeking today? Satisfaction from material things? Satisfaction that is just an imitation? True satisfaction will never come from things that have only earthly value. Only in Jesus can we find that which has eternal value. Complete fulfillment comes from a Person, Jesus Christ.

"What do you seek?" God promises, "And YOU shall seek Me, and find me, when you shall search for me with ALL your heart" (Jer. 29:13).

Have a wonderful day...Love mark Phil. 4:11

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