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"And they said, We certainly saw that the Lord was with you" (Gen 26:28).

Isaac had lived a rather quiet and uneventful life. During his lifetime a famine had moved into Gerar. The scarcity of water made it a valuable commodity. Wells were essential for flocks and herds. because Isaac had a real need for water for his flocks, he began opening wells his father had previuosly dug. However, the Philistines claimed them as fast as had them opened. (2 as a matter of fact). Instead of retaliating and fighting for them, he relinquished his rights and moved on. He became a peacemaker.

Later, Abimelech came to make a treaty with Isaac. He said, "We saw certainly that the Lord was with you." What more wonderful thing could be said of a person than that the Lord could be seen in his life! Abimelech, his former enemy, wanted a peaceful relationship with Isaac because he could see God's blessing on his life.

What is the influence of our life in the world today? Can our friends and loved ones, our neighbors and those with whom we work, see the Lord in our lives? Isaac was just an ordinary person, but he did not have an ordinary God. The Philistines were impressed with Isaac because they could see the God of Isaac in his life. We may feel that we are just ordinary people, with no great influence for God. But our lives can become extrordinary as we allow God to reveal Himself to others through them.

Charles Spurgeon said, "The best life of Christ is the living biography written in the words and actions of His people, so that it is said of them, 'They have been with Jesus; they have been taught of Him; they are like Him.'"

Have a great day and let your light shine....Love mark Phil. 4:11

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