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"There were the potters who lived at Netaim and Gederah; they stayed there and worked for the king"(1 Chron. 4:23).

When I was young and there were only 3 channels on the TV, a show that our family watched was "What's My Line." Oh, and yes the family watched it because there was only one TV. The program had a panel of famous people with an MC. They brought in people with unusual occupations and it was up to the panel to discover what they did through a series of questions

God has various fields of service for His children. He doesn't use them for the same purpose or in the same place. Some are "front and center," and some are quietly "behind the scenes." A list of family names are written in the fourth chapter of 1 Chronicles, and after it we find potters and gardeners mentioned as workers for the king. One might expect to find the king's workers in his palace, but not among the pottery, and the plants and hedges. They may not have chosen this as a place of service, but even there, in a seemingly insignificant place, they dwelt with the king. For his work.

Today we may not seem to be in the place of our choosing. We may desire a more public service, or even a more private one for the Lord. Whether it is public or private, the Lord knows we are there. He has a purpose in allowing us to be there---to dwell with the King---to do His work.

We need to remember not to be so involved with working for Him that we overlook dwelling with Him. Before we can be effective workers for Him, we must get to know Him. To get to know Him, we must "dwell with Him." In that way we can also commune with Him. "He appointed twelve, that they might be with him, (dwell) and that he might send them out to preach" (Mark 3:14). We are not to dwell with the work, but with the King. We are not to dwell with our circumstances, problems, needs and desires, but with the King.

We can have the assurance that wherever we are today, our King, the Lord Jesus Christ, is dwelling there with us. We are first dwellers, and then workers.

Have a wonderful day....Let your light shine...Love mark Phil. 4:11

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