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Rest Through Team Work

"For my yoke is easy and my burden is light" (Matt. 11:30).

I have spent much of my adult life involved in athletics, both as a player and a coach. Most of the joy I have experienced in this field has been in what we consider to be "team sports." The great mystique of team sports is the ability to play together. It is the knowledge that the success of your team is dependent upon ALL of the players working together and knowing their parts in the whole. The truth in baseball is that if the shortstop makes an error, the whole team is affected. The impact is a negative one. On the other hand if he hits a home run the team is also affected. This time to the positive.

Jesus has invited us to be on His team. A team on which we can get rest from a hectic life. Rest because we are yoked (joined) together with Him, in submission to His will. Jesus took the yoke of His father He said, "Your will be done." We take His yoke when we when we submit to His will in our lives. The cool part is instead of doing His will with our strength, we can rest in Him, allowing Him to fulfill God's plans in our lives.

His yoke is not a weight though, because He says it is light. It serves as a way to allow Him to carry our part. Yoked with Jesus we can have an inner peace, for He can remove the stress and turmoil and replace it with peace... Our rest. The yoke is not forced upon us. Our part on this team is the willingness to be a part of it. A team is yoked together to strive for the same purpose. Sometimes though, it pulls against each other and hinders the progress. In our daily walk, if we try to pull our own way we will create a friction that will keep us from achieving our goal.

If, however, we have yielded to His control, we are freed from frustrations and stress. We can experience the ease of His yoke. It doesn't mean that we will have nothing to do only that it will be easier....RESTFULL....When we allow Christ to be our Lord, we find true rest...What a Team!

Have a wonderful day...Make a difference for Him.. Love mark Phil. 4:11

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