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Finding The Fish (Or Clams)

"When he had finished speaking, he said to Simon, "Put into the deep water, and let down the nets for a catch" (Luke 5:4).

I am often a creature of habit when I clam. If I find clams in a particular spot, I will return the next time out to see if there are more. (A clammer friend of mine wisely said, "you can only catchem' once."). If they are not there, I have to move and find them somewhere else. I must admit, both of my sons are more adventuresome clammers than I am. In this text, some of Jesus' disciples had been fishing all night without success. It was now morning, and Jesus said, "Go into the deeper water and let down the nets for a catch." Peter probably murmered, "what does this guy know about fishing.... he was a carpenter....We're the fishermen."

To his credit, Peter did as Jesus said and the result was so many fish that the boat almost sank from the weight. Two things happened here. Jesus said, "Put into the deep water," and Peter said, "I will." Further down in vs 10-11, Jesus said that soon they would be fishing for men instead of fish.

There are many out there that "need to be caught." The Lord makes the challenge to us to put out into the deep water where they are. It is our responsibility to reach them with the message of hope in Jesus Christ. He says put into the deeper water, and our response ought to be, I will.

As we launch out into the depths for His purpose, we do so with His resourses, His power, His promises, and His provisions. His limitless supply is inexhaustable. The secret to abundant living is in appropriating His resourses.

Lets not be bound to the shore. Lets "launch out" and catch people for Jesus. Hey! If it doesn't work, we can always move. Have a great day....One way to launch out is to let your light shine for Jesus. In some way to show by your actions, what you believe.

Love mark Phil. 4:11

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