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"Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one! You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength. And these words which I command you today, shall be in your heart (Deut. 6:4-6).

God has always desired the best for His people. When God revealed Himself and His will to Moses on Mt. Sinai, Moses conveyed the God's message to the children of Israel. The Israelites spoke with reverence in their hearts and said to Moses, "You go near and hear all that the Lord may say, and tell us all that the Lord our God says to you, and we will hear it and do it" (Deut. 5:27). God heard the promise of the Israelites, but He also knew their hearts. He said, "Oh, that they had such a heart in them that they would fear Me and always keep my commandments, that it might be well with them and their children forever (V29).

Out of God's concern for the spiritual welfare of His people, He reveals Himself to us through His Word. There are many aspects of the Word that apply to us today. I have chosen three to share with you.

First we must teach the Word. Moses told the children of Israel that is was their responsibility to communicate the Word from generation to generation, because from it flowed the truth that there is only one God and He is to be revered.

Secondly, we are to search the Word. In it are the keys to life. The purpose of searching the Word is greater than mastering the content of the Bible. The purpose of seeking to understand the Word of God is so that you will come into a relationship with God, in a sense, so that the Word will master you as it points to Jesus the Lord. When we study, we must pray that God will open our hearts to see what He reveals about Himself and Christ.

Thirdly, we need to heed the Word. Paul told Timothy, as a young minister to, "be an example to the believers in word, in conduct, in love, in spirit, in faith, in purity" (1 Tim.4:12). Timothy was, in his manner of life, to model obedience to the Word. God gave us the Word so that we might understand Who He is, come to know Him personally, and live in a relationship with Him. It not only leads us into a relationship with Him, but to eternal life. Total commitment to the pursuit and obedience of God's Word leads to the joy of salvation.

The Word of God....Teach it! Search it! Heed it! Words to live by....

Have a great day...Make a difference.. Love mark Phil. 4:11

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