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The Armor....Piece By Piece

Ephesians 6:14-17"....Belt around waist is Truth....Breastplate of Righteousness... Feet with the Gospel of Peace...Shield of Faith...Helmet of Salvation...Sword is the Word of God...."

Truth is first. Truth is the foundation from which Christian belief and practice spring. It never occurred to Paul that truth was one thing for one person and something else for another. Truth never changed. The task of the Christian is to listen to God and arrive at the truth.

If the shield for the legs and thighs is the truth, the shield for the chest is righteousness. No Christian is righteous by his own efforts, but righteousness is the goal and ideal of Christian living. When tempted, Godly habits and thoughts ought to bear us up as we attempt to live as the Lord wants us to.

Paul draws from Isaiah 52:7 where the prophet speaks of the feet of those who announce peace. Peace is no passive, incidental benefit that accrues to Christians. It results from preparation; it flows from the Gospel. Interesting that Paul brings up peace while his subject is warfare. The warfare is not a physical one however, it is against the trials and struggles about us. When they persist, peace with God and his neighbors support the believer and make him strong.

Faith is the ultimate shield for the believer. The apostle here says that our faith can extinguish the flames that Satan will constantly hurl at us. The doubts, fears, discouragements, temptations, and unkind words, fall harmlessly by the wayside when deflected by the shield of faith.

Salvation is the summary of all it means to be a Christian. Our minds must be fortified by the truth and protected from error. Salvation from sin has been purchased by Jesus on the Cross. Confidence in our salvation makes life worthwhile. It is the plum that awaits when we are discouraged, tempted, or persecuted from within.

The Holy Spirit and the Word bring about the same kind of results for the believer. They work in tandem with each other. They are our offensive weapons. Armed with the Word of God we are able to silence critics and offer Christ as the Savior of the World.

Truth, righteousness, peace, faith, salvation, the Word of God. All available to us to make each day a productive one, as we live for Him.

Have a wonderful day...Make a difference...Love mark Phil. 4:11

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