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The Chameleon And The Monarch

"Can both fresh water and salt water flow from the same spring? my brothers, can a fig tree bear olives or a grapevine figs (James 3:11&12)?

What color is a chameleon? Green like a frog? Red like a cardinal? Chameleons change colors like we change our socks. (I hope) As an ex-science teacher I would like to explain why but.....maybe another time. What we understand is, that if you are a tasty lizard, it is to your advantage to be able to change colors in a world of hungry predators.

Do we ever "change colors" according to OUR surroundings? Do you ever feel just a little bit chameleon-ish? Do we ever put on one shade of colors for work, another for home or school, and yet another for church? Do our brothers and sisters in the Lord see us on Sundays the way we are during the rest of the week? For the chameleon, changing with its surroundings occurs naturally, but for humans, it really takes effort to be different people under different circumstances.

As opposed to the chameleon, lets consider the monarch butterfly. Unalike the chameleon, it does not try to "blend in." It isn't interested in looking like anything else. It is what it is---boldly, consistently, fearlessly! Everywhere it goes, from green leaf, to brown patch of soil, to a rough tree bark, it is unchanged and unchanging. It makes a proclamation in the most boldest of orange and black patterns,"Here I am, and I am exactly what you see.

James points out here in the later part of the third chapter that one of the keys to a wise, productive and happy lives is to be what we are....ALL THE TIME.....EVERYWHERE! He would have us understand that part of wisdom is that there is no fooling ourselves or others...We are what we are. He uses the example of salt water and fresh....fig trees and olives trees. They simply are what they are.

If there is something that keeps you from being what you are to all people, think of Jesus as our example the Hebrew writer in 13:8 says, "Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever." We might read between the lines and surmise that He also proclaimed Himself in the same manner whether with the Pharisees, tax collectors, Samaritans. Jews, rich people, or poor people.

The chameleon is a cool lizard and might make an interesting pet, but makes a terrible person and a miserable Christian. We should in our lives with courage and resolve, and join the ranks of the monarchs...

Have a great day....Let your light shine for Him...Love mark Phil. 4:11

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