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The Good, The Bad, and God

"Psalm 1"

There is a powerful and clear image in the first Psalm of who the Lord considers to be good (righteous) and bad (ungodly). There is also a clarity about who really knows the difference

"THE GOOD" (1-3)

In our early days of learning, "don't do that," don't touch that," don't go there," constituted a lot our understanding about what was right and wrong. From touching a hot stove to putting things in our mouth that shouldn't have been there, were governed by a simple "don't". It might not be surprising then that the psalmist introduces the good person first by the things that he doesn't do. To prove a point, think of a person you know that you consider to be good. Think of five things to back up your assertion. How many of them start with, "he doesn't?"

When being introduced to the good people here we find that they don't walk, stand, or sit, with those who are unrighteous. It starts with a walk and then standing around. When we get to the sitting, we have become too comfortable with them and may want to be part of what they are saying. When we were children, we always wanted to know the "why." The why is in verses two and three. They tell us what a good person should do.

"THE BAD" (4-5)

In contrast to the good who do not do certain things and do certain other things, the bad are said not to do some things and are bound to do something. The bad are not like the good who "delight in the law" and "grow like a tree," but instead are bound to be found guilty in the time of judgement. It is interesting to note that the bad are not labeled by the evil things they do but instead are labeled evil for not doing the good things that the righteous person does. Hmmmmmm...Based on this passage, is it good enough just not to be "bad" or is one considered "bad" for not being "good"?...Food for thought...


The Psalmist here introduces only two kinds of people, the good and the bad. The good who avoid evil companions, hunger for the Word, and are blessed like strong trees growing by a river bank; and there are the bad who reject these things. The final element is God----The God who knows the difference between the two. Sometimes we can fool one another.We put on our best face and convince them that we are much better than we really are. The problem is that they will not be judging us, God will.

To the good, the words "For the Lord knows", is of great comfort. To the bad, they are a death sentence...The first Psalm is a great one to take a look at our lives, our priorities, and our direction....

Have a wonderful day...I will try to stay dry...Let your light shine for Him....Love mark Phil. 4:11

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