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Because Of How Great God Is

Psalm 19:12-14

The first eleven verses of Psalm nineteen are a praise...A compendium of the greatness of God's creation (1-6), and the greatness of the Word (7-11). After reading it, David comes to a realization. He cannot reflect on the wonders of this world we live in, and the truth of God's Word, and come away unaffected. If we read these first eleven verses, we should not come away unaffected either.

And so in the final section of the Psalm, the psalmist responds...He responds in his recognition of how great God is. Here is outlined for us item after item "because of how great God is" statements.

Because of how great God is....
I need to recognize that I can never keep track of all my sins (12a).
Because of how great God is...
I need forgiveness for my "hidden sins"...they are not hidden from God (12b).
Because of how great God is...
I need help to keep from sinning willfully (13a).
Because of how great God is...
With His help, I won't let sin rule my life(13b).
Because of how great God is...
I will find the forgiveness and cleansing I so greatly need (13c).
Because of how great God is...
I will make sure that the words that come from my mouth are His (14a).
Because of how great God is...
I will keep my thoughts (meditations) pure and His (14b).

As we reflect on this Psalm (read it today if you get a chance), we may come away with a personal response. If we meditate on it, we may develop a richer understanding of the GREATNESS OF GOD! Maybe the song on our hearts today will be How Great Thou Art....

Have a wonderful beginning to your week...Let your light shine for Him.. Love mark Phil. 4:11

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