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Trust Trumps Fear

"When I am afraid, I will trust in you" (Ps.56:1).

This Psalm was written by David in response to a really desperate situation in his life. In 1 Samuel 21 we find David in a precarious state. He was in such trouble in running from King Saul and his army, that he sought refuge under the protection of one of Saul's sworn enemies, the Philistines. It worked for a while, but pretty soon old wounds were remembered, and it was time for a quick ploy and an escape. Now two different groups were after him. Look at the desperation..."all day long they press their attack"...."My slanderers pursue me all day long"...."There are many that fight against me"...

In our lives we face many situations in which there seems to be no "exit strategy". As David was pursued by enemies on all sides, the world can often be a cruel one. In a game of cards, trust is the "ace" to your opponents "king". Simply put, our trust in the Lord is much more powerful than our fears. David trusted in God to save him from those things that were causing him fear. He put his fears in God's lap with absolutely no reservation. It is an important lesson for us. Our response may be, "Well Lord, I'll trust You to handle this as soon You tell me what You plan to do," as if somehow His plan needed our approval.....Or maybe its an, "Okay God, I will trust You. Here is what You need to do," as if He really needed to know His own plan.

That's why it is called TRUST. When my sons were very young and I threw them up into the air, I never once had either of them say, "please catch me daddy," or "please don't let me fall." NEVER ONCE! There was complete trust! There was complete trust because they knew who was throwing them up into the air. David didn't need to know God's plan. Why? Because he already knew who God was!!

This is the essence of the trust I am talking about. It is the kind that dispels all fears. It does so because we know the one in whom we trust. That is the key. We can have a complete trust because it is a trust in God's nature. We can have this trust because it is a trust in God's goodness. We can have this trust because it is a trust in God's power.

What a wonderful, joyous, and secure feeling passes over us when we put our complete trust in our loving God....It gives us the confidence to say, "I will not fear because God is in control.

Have a great day...Make a difference....Love mark Phil. 4:11

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