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"Whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant." Matt. 20:26

The word "great" has suffered from a severe case of overuse. Wonderful words like "great," "love," and "best," get thrown around in describing everyday things like cars, movies, food, or even ice cream. "Great" therefore has lost some of its luster and become a devalued term for how good something really is. Maybe we have just lost some of the true meaning of the word.

For you "number crunchers" out there, the word great, or a variation of it appear over 1,000 times in our Bibles. When it is used, it is not used in a cavalier way. When God says "great," He is speaking about something more significant than a candy bar. The term is used to describe the depth, severity, size, importance, or reality of something.

For example, "great" is used to describe physical objects like walls cities, deserts mountains, or seas. It is used to describe emotions such as fear, joy, or sadness. It is used to describe groups like nations, peoples, multitudes, crowds, or armies. It is also used to describe the responses of people like shouts, cries, or roars. All of these things are actually measurements. The size of a "catch of fish," or a mountain, or of the volume of a shout, are all viable uses for this term.

If you will please pardon my word use, I would like to show an even "greater" use for the word great. One for today and one for the devotional tomorrow.

G O D      IS     G R E A T ! ! ! ! !

That God is great is really not a surprise. You will be amazed however, to read in your Bibles the numbers of ways in which our God is "GREAT." I will share some of them with you, and if you want to be a Berean, you can look them up for yourselves.

Each of these descriptions of our God is preceded by "great." Peace (Psa.119:65), might (Jer.10:6), faithfulness (Lam.3:23), deliverance (Psa.18:50), counsel (Jer.32:19), treasure (119:162), kindness (Psa. 117:2), mercy ( 2Chron.1:8), work (Ex. 14:31), goodness (Psa.31:19), signs (Dan. 4:3), power (2Kings 17:36). king (Mal. 1:14), glory (Psa. 138:5), wonders (Psa. 136:4).

Our God is truly great and worthy of our praise. Tomorrow is about who would be great. I am now reluctant to suggest that you have a "great" day.

With that said, have a wonderful beginning to your week....Make a difference....Love mark Phil. 4:11

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