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The Bible...A Book To Be Believed

"Oh earth, earth, earth, hear the Word of the Lord" (Jer. 22:29)!

We as humans are always at our best when we emphasize what we believe. When we hold fast to a set of standards and make them our credo. Is the Bible the Word of God? It is a question that we as Christians must answer. It is what our children must know. Jesus said, "He who has ears, let him hear" (Matt.11:15). What good is a "talking God" without "listening ears?"

The Old Testament is dotted with "But they would not listens." All the Bible one has is what one lives. In other words, just knowing is not enough, God wants us to be doers. Many in our culture reject the Bible as a relic of the ancient past. They hear with their eyes and think with their feelings. When it comes to most important things in life, I want to know what the Lord says not what someone feels.

Society in some ways has turned into an "all you can eat" smorgasbord of religious junk food. Be good, feel good, don't hurt anyone and you will be OK. I am worried that some would rather die than think. If we need heart surgery, a face lift just won't do. The early church was able to make many new converts because they believed what they taught. When Jesus offered the Great Commision to His disciples (Mark 16:16), with the idea that those who taught the Word, would teach the truth. It says if we don't teach it, they can't know it, and if we don't know it, we can't teach it.

If we are to go on a spiritual walk, we must follow a spiritual path. That path is illuminated by the Word of God. "You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free" (John 8:32). Jesus used the word truth over and over again.

Not only are people at their best when they emphasize what they believe, but churches are also the best when they also do the same. The Bible can be believed..."Hear the Word of the Lord."

Have a wonderful day...Let your light shine for Him....Love mark Phil. 4:11

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