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The Invitations Are Out

"Blessed is everyone who will eat bread in the kingdom of God" (Luke 14:15).

A few years ago, then President George W. Bush was delivering an important speech on terrorism. What made the news clips however, was what went on behind him. While he was speaking there was a young 13 year old boy standing behind him. The boy was yawning, fidgeting and twisting in his place and acting in a very distracting manner. Of course, this is what the cameras focused on. Apparently he had been very excited about being chosen to stand behind the president and slept very little the night before. It was very funny...Distracting, but funny.

Have you ever been to an important function, and found that there was a guest who seemed to be out of place? Maybe he was not dressed properly, acted in an improper manner, or wasn't seated in the right place. Maybe his cell phone went off at an inappropriate time. Have you been to a wedding in which children under a certain age were not invited for fear that they might spoil the occasion with some noise or behavior. Such restrictions may be understandable under these circumstances.

In Luke 14:12-24 we find the Parable of the Dinner..When Jesus talks about the kingdom of God being like a great banquet with invited guests, the picture we might end up with is exactly like that which we would try to avoid....You know....full of the riff-raff of society....those on the "edges." Full of people that in no way would know how to behave at such an affair.. It is probably safe to assume that the dinner guest of Luke 14, whose beatitude introduced the story, would heve been as surprised by its conclusion as anyone..

Just think....Being invited to the Messianic Banguet....a cosmic sized affair where lots of people will be surprised to see who has accepted the invitation...The reality is that none of us are good enough to qualify, but we are ALL INVITED!

Have a wonderful day...Let your light shine for Him who has extended the invitation to you....Love mark Phil. 4:11

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