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It's Party Time

Luke 14: 12-24.....The Parable of the Banquet...

For the Pharisees, this parable was a warning. But for the followers of Jesus in Luke's day it was great news. After all, so often they were the ones on the margins of society. There would be a great dinner....NO! A PARTY!!!! And EVERYONE was invited. After all, the kingdom of God is not all about power and domination like the kingdoms and societies of our world....It is all about honouring and gifting people from all walks of life. The house would be filled with anyone who would accept the invitation and attend. NO SPECIAL SOCIAL STANDING WAS NECESSARY...It was God's free gift.

Maybe you have heard the story I am about to tell. There was a very large church in the "Bible Belt," in which the services had already begun. As the preacher was about to get started, a long-haired, unshaven, barefooted young man walked in. Back in the 60s, we would characterize him as "hippie." All the seats were taken, so the young man walked all the way to the front, and sat on the floor. You could cut the tension with a knife. People tried not to look, but couldn't help it. Would anyone do anything? From the back of the auditorium came one of the elderly men of the congregation. Down the aisle he slowly walked. There was a hush...If one could read minds, surely they were saying, "ah now we'll get this dirty man out of here and restore the proper order." The old man reached the front and looked at the young man. Slowly he took off his shoes and sat down along side of him.

One of the responsibilities of accepting the invitation, as guests of the host, is to realize that our lives will be different. We too will be expected to show grace, to include the outsider, to sit down with the poor, the blind, and the lame. Each one of us will have an idea what that means for us.

The Parable of the Great Feast is an invitation to us to "join the party."---not to participate from afar, but to sit down and share with others as a way of living out the grace God offers to us...So what else can I say.....LETS PARTY!

Have a wonderful day...Make a difference.... Love mark Phil. 4:11

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