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Getting Away

"But let a man examine himself" (1 Cor. 11:28).

What a changed world we live in. It is now unusual to walk down the street and NOT see a person talking on the cell phone! In today's fast-paced "techno-world," we are never really alone. We're constantly in the world's "crowd-driven" clutches. Emails, text messages, and the cell phone to our ears....Even when we are physically alone, we're surrounded by "digital" companionship.

So what's the deal here? It is an interesting phenomena isn't it? A constant connection with someone(s). Maybe we feel safer. There is safety in crowds...AND DANGERS! In the Persian capital of Susa, Nehemiah lived in one of the safest places on the planet at the time. There was little to fear. He was in the midst of the crowd...He was "SAFE!" To get his job done, he must get away! There is danger in the crowd, yes, even in the "cyber crowd."

By staying too close to the crowd, we may avoid answering some of life's very important questions. In his book, "The Wounded Healer," author Henri Nouwen quotes a fellow-minister. "By staying close to the crowd I avoid answering important questions like, "who am I? "why do I sometimes feel lonely?" or "do I really know God or am I trying to serve a stranger?""

If we don't separate ourselves sometimes, we might miss out on some healthy self-confrontation. "But let a man examine himself." By separating ourselves, we can make a plea to the Great Physician for the healing that only He can give...I will continue tomorrow..

Have a wonderful day...Let your light shine for Him....Love mark Phil. 4:11

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