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"And there arose a dispute among them as to which of them was regarded as the greatest" (Luke 22:24).

Think of someone you consider to be really great. I did a devotional on the overuse of the word great, so please indulge me. OK...Do you have a person in mind? Now think for a moment...What is it about this person that makes you think that he or she is great? How did they get that way? If they are so great, is there something about them that you can apply to your own life to make yourself better.

I know I've laid a lot of questions on you in one little paragraph, but maybe it will be some food for thought for you as the day goes by. I think it is natural for all of us to want to attain greatness on some level. At times in my life I thought it would be really cool to be a professional baseball player, entertainer, or politician. Can you relate? Although it may have some selfish implications, wanting to be great is not in itself a bad thing.

Wanting to be great should give us pause to understand the motivation. The baseball player Ted Williams is reputed to have said, "All that I want out of life is that when I walk down the street the folks will say, "there goes the greatest hitter that ever lived."" I guess when it comes to greatness, two questions ought to be asked.....What? and Why?

This devotional is a very simple one. We OUGHT to desire to be great. We ought to desire to be a great friend.. We should want to be a great example as a Christian. When we took Jesus into our lives, we inherited His "Spiritual DNA." There should be a family resemblance! In spirit, we should want to be like our Father. Our greatness emanates from the desire to live out God's will in our lives. Regardless of our humble physical roots, spiritual greatness is attainable through Jesus Christ.

Who knows, maybe one day we will walk down the street and God will say, "there goes the greatest............. Now how cool would that be?

Have a day of greatness....Let your light shine for Him... Love mark Phil. 4:11

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