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The Wonder Of A Pearl

"The twelve gates were twelve pearls, each gate made of a single pearl" (Rev. 21:21).

Pearls have always had a special place in the hearts of men and women. In Matthew 13: 45 & 46 we find the parable of the "Pearl of Great Price." Even in the days of Jesus pearls were held in high esteem. Merchants would often scour the markets to find that "one pearl" that was more beautiful than others.(no eBay)

When I began my "secondary career" as a clammer many years ago, I quickly learned from my mentor about the "clam pearl." Yes, clams produce pearls also, but not of the value of those made by the oyster. In a corner of the boat were several clams with some kind of shell disfigurement. He explained to me that the clam had possibly suffered some kind of impact that cause the shell to grow in this way and maybe that caused a pearl to form. I have found several and one adorns Jane's finger in a ring I had made for her many years ago.

The oyster also produces a pearl as the result of some injury. A foreign substance like a grain of sand gets into the oyster. It is not very pretty, and must be a terrible irritant to the animal because the oyster spreads layer after layer of a smoother substance over until it is the beautiful pearl. Something lovely comes out of something ugly. Out of much suffering, something beautiful is formed.

Jesus came to the unlovely of the world. His teachings, even this one about the "Pearl of Great Price" were designed to make the most ugly of us more beautiful. Jesus paid the ultimate price to turn us from mere irritating grains of sand into lovely pearls. How we shed Jesus' beauty to others is now in our hands. We can either reflect the loveliness that Jesus infused into us to those around us, or just be an irritant. More tomorrow...

Have a great day...Pearls reflect beauty...Let the beauty of Jesus be seen in you today...Love mark Phil. 4:11

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