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"Who through faith are shielded by God's power until the coming of salvation that is ready to be revealed in the last time" (1 Pet. 1:5).

Last spring a pair of robins decided to make a nest. What was special about this nest was its location right on top of the light by our front door. It was a gutsy move. The nest was well protected from predators, but they had to deal with the light (we tried not to turn it on) and human traffic. It worked out as the eggs hatched and the young eventually left the nest. One little chick stayed on a little longer and one day as I was driving toward our house, there it was trying to hop/fly across the street. Mom robin was right behind it, squawking up a storm as she protected and guided the young bird to safety.

I find that one of the definite advantages of being a Christian is that we are the baby robin and God is the mom. That mama robin had been very patient in incubating those eggs. She had searched on my front lawn for food, and was not about to let all of that work go to waste. Our God is concerned for us...We are his hatchlings. He promises to "shield us" through our faith in Him. Paul also uses that same metaphor in Ephesians 6:16 as he writes, "In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith." In this section of God's Word is found the "whole armor" of God available to us. Protection from a world that would try to drag us back down to earth.

Our God has promised us an eternal resting place with Him, but we must make it through the dangers of life first. The major difference between my robin story and our relationship with God is this. Once the young bird is able to fly for itself, mom's job is done. It is now on its own. Our Lord promises that thorough our faith He will be our shield....ALWAYS!!!! "Who through faith are shielded by God's power." It is so important to maintain that closeness. Lets pray, read and meditate that we may remain stay faithful and guarded by Him..

Have a great day...Let your light shine for Him... Love mark Phil. 4:11

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