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What's That In Your Hand?

I recently re-connected to a young man (now almost 50), who I had coached over 35 years ago. His high school guidance counselor told him that he ought to enlist in the military because he just wasn't "cut out" for college. To prove him wrong, Mike not only went to college, but competed athletically and went on to get an MA. When I "googled" him I found that he was head of a business he started 20 years ago and now employed 40 people. A great way use your talent to the best of your ability!

What's in our hands, and how are we using it for the Lord? To Moses it was a simple wooden "rod." When given in service to the Lord, it became famous. In Judges 3:31 it was an "oxgoad" given to Shamgar. But with it he slew 600 Philistines. David was given a sling and you know the rest of that story. Jacob was given tools with which to dig a well and that well is spoken of in John 4:6. It is the well that Jesus had the encounter with the Samaritan woman, and he was able to speak to her about the "living water."

A little boy in John 6 had five barley loaves and two fishes, but when given to the service of the Lord it fed more than 5,000 people. Little things dedicated to God can be multiplied to become great. I don't think I ever put our check into the offering plate without thinking of the "poor widow" of Mark 12 and her two mites. It is one of the greatest examples of giving liberally ever written in our New Testaments. Dorcas, (Acts 9) who was always "doing good and helping the poor," used a needle to make clothes for people.

We have each been given a life. We have been given a life enriched by the knowledge of our Lord Jesus. What we have been given, though it may seem small, can be of great value when dedicated to the Lord. What's in our hand, and how are we using it for God?

Have a wonderful day...Go about doing good... Love mark Phil. 4:11

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