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Woe! - Not The One That Means Stop

"O, woe is me...To have seen what I have seen, see what I see"...Shakespeare....Hamlet

So , what's a woe? "Woe is me" is an old Yiddish term which would commonly mean, "something bad has happened to me, you should than feel sorry for me." Actually the term woe means to express grief, distress or regret. You know, kind of like the woes of our economy. I am going to take you through the Old Testament today to find some "woes." Enjoy your journey...

1. Eccl. 4:10..._______________________________________________________________

2. Isa. 29:15 & 16...___________________________________________________________

3. Jer. 22:13..._______________________________________________________________

4. Isa. 5:20...________________________________________________________________

5. Hab. 2:15..._______________________________________________________________

6. Isa. 3:11...________________________________________________________________

7. Amos 6:1-6...______________________________________________________________

8. Ezek. 13:3..._______________________________________________________________

9. Isa. 5:21..._________________________________________________________________

10. Jer. 23:1...________________________________________________________________

11. Isa. 30:1...________________________________________________________________

12. Zech. 11:17...______________________________________________________________

13. Zeph. 3:1...________________________________________________________________

I hope you enjoy making your way through the Old Testament and when you are finished, please don't say, "Woe is me!"

Have a great weekend and a wonderful worship experience on His day....Go about doing good... Love mark Phil. 4:11

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