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Bible "Fellows"

The word "fellow" is an interesting one. The definition we are more than likely familiar with has to do with a peer. Perhaps one of equal standing, rank or power. Maybe a member of a group having common characteristics. I have listed some Bible verses for you this morning that have to do with this idea of "fellow." Enjoy your journey...

1. Eph.2:19..______________________________________

2. Col. 4:11..______________________________________

3. 3 John 8..______________________________________

4. Eph.3:6.._______________________________________

5. Rom.16:7.._____________________________________

6. Phil.2:25..______________________________________

7. Col.1:7.._______________________________________

8. Philemon 1..____________________________________

9. Phil.4:3.._______________________________________

10. 2 Cor. 8:23..___________________________________

If you have a King James Bible you might like to look up Acts 25:4....I hope you enjoy a little trip through the New Testament...I also hope that your worship to the Lord on His day will be both glorifying and uplifting..

Have a wonderful weekend... RAK someone today.....Love mark Phil. 4:11

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