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I have always been fascinated hearing people describe things. Some feel the necessity to use their hands, even though it rarely helps. Some try to draw a "mental picture" for you and at times do it very well. I am reminded of the story of a teacher who gave her second graders some free time to draw. She went to a little girl's desk and asked her what she was drawing. "I'm drawing God," the small child said., "Well you know that no one really knows what God looks like don't you?" replied the teacher. "They will when I'm finished," said the little girl.

I thought this morning that I would send you through the Bible to look for some descriptions of Godly people. Enjoy your short journey...

1. 1 Pet.2:5...__________________________________________________

2. Lk. 10:20...__________________________________________________

3. Matt.5:13...__________________________________________________

4. Jas. 2:5...___________________________________________________

5. Jn. 15:14...__________________________________________________

6. 1 Pet. 5:2..._________________________________________________

7. Acts 11:26...________________________________________________

8. Matt.5:14..._________________________________________________

9. Jn.8:31...___________________________________________________

10. Eph. 4:25...________________________________________________

11. Jn.15:5...__________________________________________________

Have a great start to your Memorial Day Weekend..The greatest memorial is when we gather about His Table on day..Have a wonderful and uplifting Lord's day....Love mark Phil. 4:11

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