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Making An Offer

Have you ever haggled with someone over the price of something? My dad always had a price in mind when he bought something. (like a junky used car) He would make his "final offer" and that was as high as he would go. I have also watched my father-in-law make offers at farm auctions out in KS. Although I have bid on things on eBay, face to face I am not a very aggressive bidder. In this morning's quiz I will take you through your New Testaments to find some of the "offers" that Jesus makes to us. If you can find some other than the ones I found, please send them to me.

1. Matt. 11:28-30..._____________________________________________________________________

2. John 10:10...________________________________________________________________________

3. Luke 2:14..._________________________________________________________________________

4. Mark 16:15-16..._____________________________________________________________________

5. John 14:1-4...________________________________________________________________________

6. Rom. 8:28...________________________________________________________________________

7. John 15:13..._________________________________________________________________________

8. Matt.6:33...__________________________________________________________________________

9. John 16:24..._________________________________________________________________________

Have a great weekend and an uplifting and glorifying worship service on His day..Go about doing good...Love mark Phil. 4:11

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