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"Now one of the Pharisees was requesting Him to dine with him, and He entered the Pharisee's house and reclined at the table" (Lk. 7:36).

When people come into our home, certain social amenities are seen to. Perhaps it is a smile on our face, holding the door open, or offering to take and hang their coat. We know the things that are to be done to make someone feel at ease in our homes. They are common courtesies...

Simon, the Pharisee who offered the invitation, committed several social errors here. He neglected to wash Jesus' feet (a courtesy offered to guests because sandaled feet got very dusty on the unpaved roads). He also did not offer Jesus a kiss of greeting or anoint His head with oil. In failing to show these common courtesies to Jesus, Simon portrayed that Jesus was not His equal, and certainly not a prophet. He was judging Jesus by his own standard. As this wonderful "dinner" with Jesus continues, an extraordinary thing happens. "And there was a woman in the city who was a sinner; and when she learned that Jesus reclining at the table in the Pharisee's house, she bought an alabaster vial of perfume, and standing behind Him at His feet, weeping she began to wet His feet with her tears, and kept wiping them with the hair of her head, and kissing His feet and anointing them with the perfume."

In this story, Luke again contrasts the Pharisees with the sinners-----and again the sinners come out ahead! Jesus, in response to the Pharisee's castigation of the woman, told a parable of two debtors. The parable had a question at the end which Simon answered correctly. He then in turn castigated Simon for his lack of common courtesy. Turning to the woman He said, "your sins have been forgiven." The men at the table murmured among themselves, "who is 'this man' who forgives sins?" WE can answer that one! It is the man who calmed the sea...It is the man who healed the sick and raised the dead... It is the man who fed the five thousand with just five loaves and two fishes....It is the man who would die for the sins of the world....It is the man with all the power!

This man of great ability and power then said to the woman, "Your faith has saved you, go in peace." When we choose to dine with Jesus, through faith and obedience, we can also be saved....We can also "go in peace."

Have a great start to your week..Show the world that you love HIM.....Love mark Phil. 4:11

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