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Do you have a nickname? Did you ever have one? Did it have anything to do with either a physical or behavioral characteristic? There is a good chance that many of our nicknames never left the confines of our homes as kids. (probably good!) Jesus had a lot of "nicknames." Perhaps nickname is not the proper term, but you will get the idea in today's quiz. I hope you enjoy your trip through the Bible to find some of the terms used to describe Jesus.

1. Song of Sol. 2:1..._______________________________________________________________

2. Jno. 8:12..._____________________________________________________________________

3. Matt. 27:54...___________________________________________________________________

4. Lk. 2:11...______________________________________________________________________

5. Mk. 2:17...______________________________________________________________________

6. Heb. 2:10...______________________________________________________________________

7. Jno. 14:6..._____________________________________________________________________

8. Song of Sol. 2:1...________________________________________________________________

9. Isa. 9:6..._______________________________________________________________________

10. Rev. 17:14...____________________________________________________________________

11.Heb. 3:1...______________________________________________________________________

12.Jno. 10:14..._____________________________________________________________________

Have a wonderful weekend..RAK someone today..I hope your worship to the Lord is both uplifting and glorifying on His day.....Love mark Phil. 4:11

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