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We use parts of the body all the time as we describe things to people. "You're a real pain in the neck." How about, "You irk my liver." The coach gave his team a pep talk hoping to give them a "shot in the arm." Can someone really have a "nose for business," or a "green thumb?" Today's quiz will be about the comparison made in our Bibles about the church being compared to the body. Enjoy your little journey...Careful....They all may not be mentioned specifically...

1. Col. 1:18..._____________________________________________________________________

2. Rom. 12: 4 & 5...________________________________________________________________

3. Eph.1: 22 & 23...________________________________________________________________

4. Lk. 8:18...______________________________________________________________________

5. Jn. 4:35...______________________________________________________________________

6. 2 Tim. 2:2...____________________________________________________________________

7. Gal. 6:2....(a tough one)___________________________________________________________

8. Eph. 4:28..._____________________________________________________________________

9. Jude 3...(almost impossible)________________________________________________________

10..1 Cor. 12:21...___________________________________________________________________

Have a wonderful weekend and may your worship to the Lord on His day be both glorifying to Him and uplifting to you...I will miss writing to you.... Love mark Phil. 4:11

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