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Bible Animals

When Jane and I headed out west and drove along the WA, OR and CA coast, we saw many animals which are not common to the east coast. The first were the flocks of pelicans that flew overhead along the OR beach. I saw one lone pelican while clamming last summer. Its the only one I think I've ever seen. We do have whales along the east coast but it was nevertheless very cool to see this large gray whale feeding along their coast. The sea lions were abundant in one spot that we stopped. We were going to pay to see them several miles ahead, but because we saw so many for free, we moved on. So....Today's quiz entails some animals of the Bible....There are LOTS of them and I hope you have a little fun looking them up...

1. Lev. 11:17..._________________________________________

2. Judges 14:8...________________________________________

3. Deut. 14:5...__________________________________________

4. 1 Kings 10:22..._______________________________________

5. Isaiah 38:14...________________________________________

6. 1 Sam. 24:14..._______________________________________

7. Matt. 8:20...__________________________________________

8. Dan. 7:4...___________________________________________

9. Psa. 102:6..._________________________________________


11.Prov. 30:15..._________________________________________

12.Luke 10:19...__________________________________________

13.Matt. 10:31..._________________________________________

14.Jonah 4:7...__________________________________________

15.Isaiah 34:14...________________________________________

16.Eccl. 10:1...__________________________________________


18.Lam. 4:3...__________________________________________


I hope you had a good time looking these up...May your worship to the Lord on His day be an uplifting and glorifying time.... Love mark Phil. 4:11

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