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Objectives In Life - I've Got Four

"With many other words he warned them; and he pleaded with them, 'Save yourselves from this corrupt generation' " (Acts 2;40).

As teachers, we were called upon to write out lesson plans each week. For the last eighteen years that I taught, I handed them in each Monday morning to our department chairman. In the plans we were asked among other things to state our objectives for each lesson. Many of the objectives were behavioral ones, and couched in terms like, "the students will".... It didn't always work out exactly as planned, but gave a point of reference so that we could tell whether our students were learning what we intended for them to learn from each lesson. So....As adults, do we have objectives in our lives? In the "big picture," as Christians, what are our objectives?

In today's verse we find the apostle Peter pleading with a large group of people to "save themselves." He laid out in the preceding verses what they must do and then made his plea. It seems to me that step one in our life objectives is to gain salvation. I could lay out the plan here for you as Peter did, but rather I would just speak to those things that are involved. God and Jesus are involved...As are the gospel, grace, works and baptism. As we answer the gospel call, we ought to reach objective number two.

When we have been saved, we should be happy. In two of the Bible conversions in the Book of Acts, (8:39 and 16:34) following their baptism we find these words...."he went his way rejoicing." and "He was filled with joy because he had come to believe in God." There are other reasons for happiness. The promise of Jesus in Matt 6:33 for one...."That all things work for good to those that love the Lord" (Rom. 8:28) for another. And finally for, "And this is what is promised to us-----even eternal life" (1 Jn 2:25).

Objective two ought to spur us on to number three....To save others. When Jesus left this earth he put the responsibility for the salvation of others in the hands of those who had already been saved (Mk. 16:15 & 16). The apostles made it one of their objectives in life and so must we. Not only do we need to know God's plan for us and others, but we have to live it every day. Christians cannot "take a day off" as we witness to others about the hope that is in us...

Finally, if objectives one, two and three are met, four will surely follow. Objective four is to make others happy. Think of all the unhappiness in the world today..The answer to the unhappiness problem is in Jesus Christ! Happiness is infectious. To be truly happy, we need to have happy people around us. What better way than to share the good news of Jesus with them both in word and in deed....The blessings of giving always outweigh those of receiving.....So there you have it...Four objectives in life that we ought to be able to live with....More saved people....More happy people...

Have a great day.....RAK someone today... Love mark Phil. 4:11

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