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Some Musts

Is there a "must do list" somewhere in your home? You know what I mean....Some of those things that you have put off, even though you know that they must be done..Maybe its that list of things you want to get done before some company arrives..(ask me about that one!) I have found a few "musts" in the Bible this morning for the Saturday quiz...With a concordance, I am sure that you can find a few more if you wish..Enjoy your little cruise through the scriptures...

1. Heb. 11:6...__________________________________________________________________________

2. John 3:7...___________________________________________________________________________

3. Acts 9:6...___________________________________________________________________________

4. 2 Sam. 14:14..._______________________________________________________________________

5. John 4:24...__________________________________________________________________________

6. Acts 4:12...__________________________________________________________________________

7. 2 Cor. 5:10..._________________________________________________________________________

8. Act 14:22...__________________________________________________________________________

Have a wonderful weekend and a great day of worship on His day..... Love mark Phil. 4:11

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