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"Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well" (3 John 2).

I know that a few of us have undergone some illness in the past year, me included. Our physical health is very important to us and we continually pray for those who are ailing in some way. The best way to keep as healthy as possible is to take a "proactive" approach. Eating well, exercising, resting enough and regular diagnostic tests are proactive. In today's verse, John is writing to Gaius hoping that his physical health is as good as his spiritual health. In that I am not a doctor, and do not have a PDR, (physician's desk reference) my advice on physical health is just that....advice. When it come to spiritual health however, we all have a PDR....the Bible!

We can make some interesting parallels between physical and spiritual health that may help us to maintain ourselves spiritually. Recently I found myself in uncharted waters physically. My body had been "invaded" by an E-coli bacteria that my immune system could not fight off. Only regular doses of a powerful antibiotic administered intravenously was able to beat it down. Our bodies need to have a powerful spiritual immune system also. Two of the most powerful invaders that can challenge them are temptation or hardship. They are both likely to happen to us, as temptations are always around us. We are perhaps more susceptible to some than to others. Jesus fought off the temptations of Satan by His knowledge of God's Word and its power. Through our faith and knowledge, we too can resist the temptations that would drag us down and make us spiritually sick.

An old Arabic proverb says; "All sunshine makes a desert." Just as our bodies can be invaded by bacteria that will test our immune systems, so are we tested by hardships. They come at us in all forms. Things happen to us and to those we care for. Physical exercise consists of bodily movements against a resistance and the more active we are, the stronger we become. We have to "exercise" spiritually as well. A regular regimen of spiritual exercises such as Bible study, meditation and prayer are wonderful ways to build up our spiritual immune systems and deal with the hardships of life. One of the great joys that we can have in our lives is that of being spiritually healthy. Just as we feel good after exercising because we've done something good for the body, we can also feel great after praying to our God or reading His Word and meditating on it. Some more on our spiritual health tomorrow...

Have a great day...Let His light shine on and from you.... Love mark Phil. 4:11

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