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SpendingTime With the Lord

"Take time to be holy, the world rushes on;
Spend much time in secret with Jesus alone.
Abiding in Jesus, like Him thou shalt be,
Thy friends in thy conduct His likeness shall see.

George Stebbins 1980

There is an old saying that states that; "We are known by the company we keep." If this phrase is true, it is a wonderful reason spend a lot of time with the Lord. When we spend this time in prayer, Bible reading and meditation, we can't helped but be influenced in a positive way. Time that we spend in this way will provide us with much spiritual nourishment. It may be a good idea to cut back on certain foods to maintain good physical health, but as Christians, our spiritual growth depends on a full and rich diet. We will never grow spiritually if we starve ourselves.

Two elderly widows came and visited with us at a morning worship in Northfield a few years ago. (July 21, 2007) Elie passed away last year, but June still worships with us. Each week when I called them, they would both invariably mention their weekly Bible study that they did together. Every time I want to get discouraged in my study, I think of them sitting with each other in the study of God's Word. Each month we try here at Northfield to have what we call our "Bible Book Club." We eat together (we do this very well) and then discuss the book(s) of the Bible we have studied the past month. It is a great time of spiritual refreshment and encouragement. I think that this mutual sharing and encouragement leads to even more knowledge and spiritual growth.

Many of the people who have passed through our doors have been invited to do so by one of our members. It is a mark of spiritual growth to become involved in leading people to the Lord. My mom was never afraid or ashamed to talk about Jesus. The time or setting never dissuaded her. She was proud to be a Christian and she didn't care who knew. Those who are involved in leading others to the Lord experience spiritual growth in the process. "Andrew, Simon Peter's brother, was one of the first who heard what John had said and who followed Jesus. The first thing Andrew did was to find his brother Simon and tell him, 'We have found the Messiah' (that is, the Christ). And he bought him to Jesus.....The next day Jesus decided to leave for Galilee. Finding Philip, he said, 'follow me.' .....Philip found Nathaniel and told him." Who have we told lately? Fruit bearing shows growth...

Have a great day.....Make a difference... Love mark Phil. 4:11

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