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Strength From The Lord

"The Joy of the Lord will be my strength; I will not falter, I will not faint.
He is my shepherd, I am not afraid; the joy of the Lord is my strength.

Twila Paris 1991

Today's Saturday morning quiz is about strength. maybe I picked this topic because of the snow shoveling that I will be doing today...Just kidding...I hope you enjoy browsing through your bibles finding these scriptures...

1. Psalm 18:32...______________________________________________________________________

2. Isaiah 30:15..._______________________________________________________________________

3. Ephesians 6:10 & 11...________________________________________________________________

4. Psalm 29:11...______________________________________________________________________

5. Isaiah 40:31..._______________________________________________________________________

6. Exodus 15:2..._______________________________________________________________________

7. Isaiah 41:10...________________________________________________________________________

8. 1 Samuel 30:6...______________________________________________________________________

9. Nehemiah 8:10...______________________________________________________________________

10. Psalm 18:1..._________________________________________________________________________

11. Psalm 73:26...________________________________________________________________________

12. Psalm 46:1..._________________________________________________________________________

13. Deuteronomy 11:8...___________________________________________________________________

There are many, many more scriptures about the strength of the Lord. Maybe you would like to share some of your favorites with me...Have a great weekend and a wonderful time of worship with the Lord on His day.... Love mark Phil. 4:11

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