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Plants and Such

At precisely 1:32 PM EDT, the sun will pass directly over the equator making today The Vernal Equinox...A hearty welcome to SPRING is in order..To celebrate, today's quiz will be about plant related things...

"The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof" (Psalm 24:1).

1. Proverbs tells us that he who tends a fig tree will:
(a) become weary, (b) eat it's fruit, (c) grow strong in faith, (d) gain wisdom.

2. Jesus tells us that good trees:
(a) bear fruit, (b) grow tall and strong, (c) have strong roots.

3. Paul says that if the root is holy, this is also holy:
(a) tree, (b) leaves, (c) fruit, (d) branches.

4. The following are two types of fruit that the spies sent by Moses brought back from the land of Canaan:
(a) apples, pomegranates, (b) pomegranates, olives, (c) olives grapes, (d) grapes, figs.

5. The first man recorded to have planted a vineyard (he got drunk on the wine from it):
(a) Adam, (b) Cain, (c) Noah, (d) Jacob.

6. Isaiah the prophet healed Hezekiah's boil by applying:
(a) figs, (b) grape leaves, (c) olives, (d) wheat.

7. The dove returned to Noah's ark with this leaf:
(a)cedar, (b) olive, (c) fig, (d) oak.

8. In the parable of the sower, why did some plants get scorched?
(a) rocky soil, (b) thorns, (c) over fertilization, (d) drought.

9. Jotham tells a parable where the trees of the forest seek a king. Which of the following accepts the offer?
(a) the thornbush, (b) olive tree, (c) fig tree, (d) the vine.

10. Isaiah tells that the desert will:
(a) bloom, (b) be glad, (c) seek justice, (d) be filled with milk and honey.

11. The Proverbs tell us that a word fitly spoken is as:
(a) apples of gold, (b) spring time, (c) soothing aloe.

12. When they realized they were naked, Adam and Eve covered themselves with:
(a) oak leaves, (b) fig leaves, (c) olive leaves, (d) ferns.

13. Paul tells Timothy the this is the "root" of all kinds of evil:
(a) a deceitful heart, (b) a lying tongue, (c) the love of money, (d) false teachers.

Enjoy your Saturday morning quiz....Have a great weekend and a wonderful day of worship on His day....Love mark Phil. 4:11

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