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Siblings And Such

"Then the Lord said to Cain, 'Where is your brother Abel?' 'I don't know,' he replied. Am I my brother's keeper' " (Gen. 4: 9)?

For those of us who have brothers or sisters, we probably have a lot of stories about our childhood that include them...You know....That sibling rivalry thing...One of these days you will have to ask me about my sister's first entrance into the cooking, and the biscuits she made...This morning's quiz is all abut brothers and sisters. I hope you enjoy your little journey through the Bible...

1. Who were Lazurus' sisters?
(a) Lydia & Dorcas, (b) Priscilla & Aquilla, (c) Mary & Martha, (d) Lois & Tabitha.

2. Which son of Adam replaced Abel as the righteous heir after his murder by Cain?
(a) Seth, (b) Enosh, (c) Mahalalel, (d) Methuselah.

3. Who did Joab and Abishai murder to avenge the death of their brother Asahel?
(a) Ishbosheth, (b) Abner, (c) Mica, (d) Meshullam.

4. How many times did Jesus say that one ought to forgive his "brother?"
(a) 7, (b) 70, (c) 490, (d) none.

5. Who is Moses' and Aaron's sister?
(a) Abigal, (b) Miriam, (c) Zeruiah, (d) Tamar.

6. Who was the sister of Laban, Isaac's wife?
(a) Rachel, (b) Leah, (c) Sarah, (d) Rebekah.

7. Which two men introduced their wives as their sisters for fear of being murdered for them?
(a) Judah & Hiram. (b) Abraham & Isaac, (c) Joseph and Benjamin.

8. Which of Solomon's brothers was his rival for the throne?
(a)Abijam, (b) Rehoboam, (c) Adonijah, (d) Hallohesh.

9. Who was Ruth's sister-in-law?
(a) Ahinoim, (b) Jocabeb, (c) Orpah, (d) Abigal.

10. Who killed Lahmi, the brother of Goliath?
(a) Elhanan, (b) Pashhur, (c) Bani, (d) Azaniah.

11. Which brothers of the New Testament were known as "the sons of thunder?"
(a) Simon & Andrew, (b) James & John, (c) Thomas & Thaddaeus, (d) Matthew & Bartholomew.

12. According to Proverbs, of what virtue is it said, "thou art my sister?"
(a) Honor, (b) Peace, (c) Patience, (d) Wisdom.

13. Who married his brother Phillip's wife and was told that it was not lawful
(a) Herod, (b) Pilate, (c) Nicodemus, (d) Joseph of Arimathea.

Have a great weekend and a wonderful day of worship on His day.....Love mark Phil. 4:11

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