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Tools And Workmen

As I am not a person known to use tools very well, this morning's quiz is about them. Since I am a pretty good worker, to cover my bases, some of today's questions are about jobs....Have fun searching through your Bibles...

___ 1. Which prophet talks of "beating plowshares into swords?" (a) Joel, (b) Ezekiel, (c) Jeremiah, (d) all.

___ 2. When called to be a prophet, which man was plowing? (a) Peter, (b) Ezekiel, (c) Elisha, (d) Elijah.

___ 3. Hiram of Trye used which of these to work on the Temple? (a) bronze, (b) cedar, (c) gold, (d) silver.

___ 4. David started out as a; (a) tentmaker, (b) fisherman, (c) shepherd, (d) carpenter.

___ 5. Dorcas was; (a) a seller of purple cloth, (b) a cook, (c) a fisherman, (d) a seamstress.

___ 6. Lydia was; (a) a seller of purple cloth, (b) a cook, (c) a fisherman, (d) a seamstress.

___ 7. In Jeremiah, Babylon's destruction described as "how broken and shattered is the __________of the whole earth." (a) hammer, (b) axe, (c) sword, (d) anvil.

___ 8. This prophet was called by God as he was among the "shepherds of Tekoa." (a) Amos, (b) Jonah, (c) Isaiah, (d) Jeremiah, (e) none of these.

___ 9. This borrowed tool fell into the water and was miraculously saved by Elisha. (a) axe head, (b) saw, (c) hammer head, (d) grinder.

___10. In the days of King Saul, why weren't there any 'blacksmiths?' (a) against the law, (b) there was no iron available, (c) there were no craftsman, (d) Saul wouldn't allow them.

___11. Who did Solomon say were the best at felling timber? (a) Philistines, (b) Assyrians, (c) men of Judah (d) Sidonians.

___12. When Jesus called them, what were James and John doing? (a) fixing a plow, (b) mending a net, (c) sharpening a saw, (d) plowing a field.

___13. In the New Testament, what did Demetrius do for a living? (a) tentmaker, (b) silversmith, (c) farmer, (d) fisherman.

Have a wonderful weekend. I hope your worship to the Lord on His day is both glorifying to Him and uplifting to you.... Love mark Phil. 4:11

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