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"Finally brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable----if anything is excellent or praiseworthy----think about such things (Phil. 4: 8).

I ran into a man yesterday who is a teacher and former coach. He actually coached my sons in cross country while they were in high school. He told me that he got back into coaching last year after a 10 year hiatus. I guess its been about 10 years since I've coached too. He told me, "the kids are different." I also began to notice this near the end too. I thought it was the competition from video games and all the computer stuff. I can't even begin to imagine the distractions of today...Twitter...tweets...talking on the networking...Where's the time to actually do things? It has certainly made for an interesting world. We walk through the malls and sit down to eat in restaurants and are privy to the conversations of strangers. Whatever happened to meditation?

It just seems like every spare minute must be filled with texting and talking, even when driving a car. Is there no time left to meditate on things that are excellent or praiseworthy? I think the apostle Paul might tell us (and is) to put down the phones, rest the fingers and let your minds dwell on some cool things from time to time. My guess is that the older audience is thinking that I might have a point and the younger saying that they can fit it all in. To be quite honest, there have always been distractions that keep us from meditating on God and His Word. To you older folks out there, you can remember the things that kept you from reflecting on the things of today's verse. We will continue to advance technologically so the distractions will never diminish. It is up to us to find the time for meditation. It is up to us to reflect on the things that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely and admirable....These are indeed the more excellent things....the more praiseworthy things...

In 1882, George Stebbins penned the words to what would later become the hymn, "Take Time To Be Holy." Here are the words to the second verse; "Take time to be holy, the world rushes on;

Spend much time in secret with Jesus alone.
Abiding in Jesus, like Him thou shalt be,
Thy friends in thy conduct His likeness shall see."

Lets be careful....The world even "rushed on" in 1882....Have a wonderful day...Think about some good things.... Love mark Phil. 4:11

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