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Getting A Little Weird

For this morning's quiz I have found some characters in the Bible who are best known for certain characteristics. They range from normal to a bit quirky.. I hope you enjoy looking through your Bibles to find them...

___ 1. He is known for being hairy.
(a) David, (b) Esau, (c) Peter, (d) Paul.

___ 2. He is known for his doubting.
(a) Daniel, (b) John, (c) Thomas, (d) Jeremiah.

___ 3. He was mostly known as a reckless driver.
(a) the Ethiopian eunich, (b) Jehu, (c) Paul, (d) David.

___ 4. He was known for being bald.
(a) Elijah, (b) Adam, (c) Noah, (d) Elisha.

___ 5. She was known for her beauty.
(a) Mary, (b) Miriam, (c) Esther, (d) Leah.

___ 6. Most known for being tall.
(a) Solomon, (b) Saul, (d) David, (c) Hezekiah.

___ 7. Known for his long hair.
(a) Jesus, (b) John the Baptist, (c) Absalom, (d) Abimilech.

___ 8. Known for talking with a donkey.
(a) Balaam, (b) Amos, (c) Noah, (d) Samson.

___ 9. She was known to have weak eyes.
(a) Sarah, (b) Rebekah, (c) Rahab, (c) Leah.

___ 10. Known for being fat.
(a) Aaron, (b) Ehud, (c) Eglon, (c) Naomi.

___ 11. Known for being left-handed.
(a) Elisha, (b) Elijah, (c) Ehud, (d) David.

___ 12. Known for being short.
(a) Joel, (b) Amos, (c) Nicodemus, (d) Zacchaeus.

___ 13. Known for his leather girdle (belt).
(a) Peter, (b) Silas, (c) Elijah, (d) Obadiah.

I hope you have a great weekend and a wonderful day of worship on His day... Love mark Phil. 4:11

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