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Famous Meals

I guess we take eating meals pretty much for granted in our lives. Just out of curiosity, are there any meals in your life that you remember. Maybe something that was prepared for a very special occasion like a birthday, anniversary or graduation. Today's quiz deals with some special meals..See if you can find them in your Bibles...

___ 1. Abraham held a great feast when he was weaned.
(a) Ishmael, (b) Jacob, (c) Isaac, (d) Esau.

___ 2. In Luke, to find the place where the "last supper" was to be held, Jesus instructed Peter and John to look for a man carrying a;
(a) donkey, (b) sack of flour, (c) pallet, (d) jar of water.

___3. Before being murdered by Joab, Abner ate his last meal with;
(a) David, (b) Ish-Bosheth, (c) Joab,(d) his wife.

___4. Pharaoh was having a special meal to celebrate this when the baker was hung;
(a) end of plagues, (b) birth of son, (c) his birthday, (d) a great military victory.

___5. He was willing to eat pig food;
(a) David, (b) the prodigal son, (c) the leper, (d) the poor blind man.

___6. When the men cried out, "there is death in the pot," who saved them.
(a) Elisha, (b) Elijah, (c) Joab, (d) Moses.

___7. Boaz offered Ruth a meal because she had done this;
(a) married him, (b) asked for it, (c) cared for her mother-in-law.

___8. The color of the stew that Jacob made for Esau was;
(a) green, (b) brown, (c) red, (d) it doesn't say.

___9. After he helped his daughters, Reuel invited this stranger into his house.
(a) Moses. (b) Zipporah, (c) Jacob, (d) Lot.

___10. Samuel had the cook set aside a leg to feed this man.
(a) David, (b) Saul, (c) Solomon, (d) Eli.

___11. After Pentecost, everyone met for meals where?
(a) temple, (b) synagogues, (c) upper room, (d) in their homes.

___12. When Job's brothers and sisters came to eat with him, they brought this.
(a) lamb, (b) silver and gold, (c) an ephah of corn, (d) special clothing.

Have a great weekend and an uplifting worship to the Lord on His day....Love mark Phil. 4:11

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