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Creepy Things And Birds

One of the reasons that spring is so cool is the springing back to life of the plants and the return of the animals..(even the pesky ones) Today's quiz is about such animals...Enjoy foraging through your Bibles to find these critters...

"Foxes have holes, birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay His head" (Matt. 8:20)

___ 1. In Samson's riddle, where were the bees?
(a) tree, (b) lion's carcass, (c) bear's carcass, (d) cave.

___ 2. Which of these bids was clean and could be eaten?
(a) eagle, (b) red kite, (c) dove, (d) stork.

___ 3. This bird bought food to Elijah.
(a) raven, (b) pigeon, (c) dove, (d) swallow, (e) none of these.

___ 4. Elijah prophesied that the bodies of this man's family would be eaten by birds and dogs.
(a) Jehu, (b) Naboth, (c) Ahab, (d) Jehoshaphat.

___ 5. How many pigeons or doves were to be offered at the birth of the a firstborn?
(a) 0, (b) 1, (c) 2, (d) 3.

___ 6. On which day were birds created?
(a) third, (b) fourth, (c) fifth, (d) sixth, (e) seventh.

___ 7. Because they rebelled against the Lord, which people chased them like a swarm of bees?
(a) Philistines, (b) Amorites, (c), Assyrians, (d) Babylonians.

___ 8. Who will soar like on the wings of eagles?
(a) doers of good, (b) those who pray without ceasing, (c) those who hope in the Lord, (d) those who tithe.

___ 9. Who's hair grew like eagle feathers?
(a) Samson, (b) Absalom, (c) Gideon, (d) Nebuchadnezzer.

___ 10. At what event in Jesus' life did the spirit of God descend like a dove on Him? (a) baptism, (b) transfiguration, (c) temptation, (d) resurrection, (e) all of these.

___ 11. In Ezekiel's four-faced vision, the third and fourth faces were;
(a) tiger and dove, (b) lion and eagle, (c) bear and hawk, (d) leopard and raven.

___ 12. According to James, all kinds of animals, birds, reptiles, and creatures of the sea are tamed by man. What can't be tamed?
(a) insects, (b) marsupials, (c) mollusks, (d) the tongue.

___ 13. In Jesus day, two of these birds were sold for a penny;
(a) pigeon, (b) sparrow, (c) dove, (d) wren.

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