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Oh, Those Kids

Ah, the children...What would we do without them? I once had an administrator say to me when I brought to his attention the extremely bad behavior of a student; "Oh...He's just filled with the dickens." On a more serious note, our children are our most precious commodity...This week's quiz is about kids. I hope you enjoy finding the right ones...

___ 1. This boy was 8 years old when he became the king;
(a) Joash, (b) Ahaziah, (c) Josiah, (d) Saul.

___ 2. This boy was 12 when his parents lost track of him in Jerusalem;
(a) Jesus, (b) Jehu, (c) John.

___ 3. The kids of this town were mercilessly killed by a paranoid ruler;
(a) Jerusalem, (b) Bethlehem, (c) Nazareth, (d) Jericho.

___ 4. He became king of Judah at the age of 12;
(a) David, (b) Saul, (c) Josiah, (d) Manasseh.

___ 5. He put his least favorite wife and kids in front of his most favorite wife and kids when going to meet an adversary;
(a) Isaac, (b) Jacob, (c) Reuben, (d) Benjamin.

___ 6. This boy's mom made him a little robe each year:
(a) Samuel, (b) Jesus, (c) David, (d) John.

___ 7. This young man was sold into slavery at the age of 17;
(a) Moses, (b) Joseph, (c) Jonah, (d) Gad.

___ 8. This child was crippled for life when his nurse dropped him;
(a) Jonathon, (b) Zacheus, (c) Balaam, (d) Mephibosheth.

___ 9. As he raised a child from death, the child sneezed 7 times;
(a) Elijah, (b) Elisha, (d) Jesus, (d) Paul.

___ 10. When Jesus said Talitha koum to a young girl, she raised from the dead. How old was she?
(a) 9, (b) 10, (c) 11, (d) 12, (e) it doesn't say.

___ 11. This child's name reflects that he was born after the news of the death of his dad and grandfather and the capture of the Ark of God;
(a) Joel, (b) Eli, (c) Ichabod, (d) Saul.

___ 12. This kid fought his brother even before he was born;
(a) Eli, (b) Hophni, (c) Esau, (d) Samuel.

___ 13. According to the prophet Isaiah, the infant will play near;
(a) the fig tree, (b) the playground, (c) tiger, (d) the hole of the cobra.

Have a wonderful weekend and an uplifting and glorifying day of worship on His day....Love mark Phil. 4:11

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