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The Hills Are Alive

Here in NJ, especially South Jersey, there are no mountains. There is the not so famous Apple Pie Hill in what is called the pinelands which raises to a magnificent height of 205 feet, but one has to wander into the northern part of the state to find mountains. High Point is 1,803 feet high and the highest point in NJ. Today's quiz deals with hills and mountains of the Bible. Enjoy the climb....

___ 1. From which mountain of the Old Testament would blessings be proclaimed?
(a) Gerizim, (b) Nebo, (c) Zion, (d) Ebal.

___ 2. From which mountain would curses be proclaimed?
(a) Gerizim, (b) Nebo, (c) Zion, (d) Ebal.

___ 3. In the Psalms, the mountains skipped like;
(a) children, (b) goats, (c) rams, (d) antelopes.

___ 4. Who was defeated at Mt. Tabor?
(a) Joab, (b) Saul, (c) Sisera, (d) Abner.

___ 5. On which mountain did Noah's Ark come to rest?
(a) Gilboa, (b) Ararat, (c) Herman, (d) Olives.

___ 6. From this mountain, Moses saw the promised land;
(a) Nebo, (b) Ebal, (c) Tabor, (d) Gerizim.

___ 7. What did Joshua build on Mt. Ebal?
(a) Temple, (b) house, (c) the ark, (d) altar.

___ 8. Who dwelt on Mt. Seir?
(a) Jacob, (b) Isaac, (c) Esau, (d) Abraham.

___ 9. "As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the Lord surrounds";
(a) His enemies, (b) the land, (c) the earth, (d) His people.

___10. This mountain was a Sabbath day's walk from Jerusalem;
(a) Zion, (b) Olives (Olivet) (c) Tabor.

___11. When being led to His crucifixion, Jesus said to the Daughter's of Jerusalem, "they will say to the mountains;
(a) fall on us, (b) protect us, (c) run from us, (d) rise for us.

___12. What will be remembered on the hill of Mizar?
(a) Joy, (b) a battle won, (c) happiness, (d) God.

___13. Luke quotes a prophecy about John the Baptist in which every mountain and hill will be;
(a) green, (b) a high place, (c) made low, (d) exalted.

Have a great weekend and an uplifting day of worship on His day.... Love mark Phil. 4:11

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