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I know that Social Studies is taught in most schools today, but are you old enough to have had Geography as a subject in school. Did you like it? Did it help you answer the Jeopardy questions? (or Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader). Today's quiz is about Bible "Geography." Enjoy your trip...

___ 1. According to Jesus, the meek will inherit;
(a) the mountains, (b) the garden, (c) the earth, (d) peace.

___ 2. David was king in this city before he reigned in Jerusalem;
(a) Hebron, (b) Gad, (c) Bethlehem.

___ 3. Jesus started The Sermon on the Mount here;
(a) valley, (b) mountainside, (c) plain, (d) in a boat.

___ 4. This city in Asia Minor means Brotherly Love;
(a) Agape, (b) Laodocia, (c) Sardis, (d) Philadelphia.

___ 5. Goliath was from the Philistine city of;
(a) Ekron, (b) Askelon, (c) Gath, (d) Jericho.

___ 6. Revelation was written from this island;
(a) Elba, (b) Patmos, (c) Crete, (d) Cyprus.

___ 7. Zechariah states, "In that day, His feet shall stand on";
(a) Mt.of Olives, (b) Mt.Zion, (c) Mt Hermon, (d) Mt Ararat.

___ 8. Job was from;
(a) Ur, (b) Uz, (c) Nod, (d) Og.

___ 9. Barnabas was from:
(a) Crete, (b) Rome, (c) Cyprus, (d) Ephesus.

___10. According to Acts, those of this place were more noble:
(a) Philippi, (b) Ephesus, (c) Thessalonica, (d) Berea...... Why?

___11. Darius, son of Xerxes was the king of;
(a) Greece, (b) Babylon, (c) Assyria, (d) Media.

___12. According to Joel, "I will gather all nations and bring them down to the valley of?"
(a)Hinnon, (b) Ur, (c) Jehoshphat, (d) Kidron.

___13. The queen of which land came to meet Solomon?
(a) Sheba, (b) Syria, (c) Smynra, (d) Bath.

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