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Love - The Greatest

"When the perfection comes, the imperfect disappears...The greatest of these is love" (1 Cor. 13: 10 & 13).

There are several schools of thought regarding what is meant by, when the perfection comes. Most accept that the perfect being talked about here is Christ's second coming. Before the days of fancy flight instruments, pilots relied a lot on seeing the horizon. Paul always had his eyes on the horizon and nothing is different here. Though the church was the kingdom of God on earth, Christ's return, on the horizon, would establish a new and glorious one. There would certainly be no need for the miraculous spiritual gifts that they had been wrangling about in this kingdom, but love would abide. When Christians grow and mature, any competition for preeminence vanishes. The desire of the true Christian should revolve around love and how it translates into best serving the Lord. I am not going to argue here as to whether or not the first century miraculous gifts are still here today, though I have a thought on it. What ought to be clear to all of us is that they will not always be needed...Love is always be needed!!

Paul uses the analogy of a child growing to maturity in verse 11. The age we are in now is that childhood. It is an age in which we are in a constant struggle to stay as pure as we can. It is an age where the temptations to sin are always right there and we need the knowledge that the Bible provides for inspiration. Whether in this age, or the age to come, love is to be an abiding presence. It should always be in the minds, hearts and lives of the people of God. To sustain the church and us, Paul makes this statement. "And now these three remain: faith hope and love. BUT THE GREATEST OF THESE IS LOVE" (V 13). More than likely, none of us will become Biblical scholars. But this we know and can be assured of...Our lives are sustained each day by our faith, hope and love. Jesus said it...Peter said it...Paul said it...Love is to have the place of preeminence. They will indeed know us by our love...The greatest of these IS love.

Have a wonderful Friday...Through our love, we can make a difference... Love mark Phil. 4:11

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