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Happy Father's Day

"I will be his father and he will be my son" (2 Sam. 7:14).

Tomorrow is Father's Day, so what better subject for this week's quiz than fathers of the Bible. My dad died over 30 years ago, and I have chosen to remember the good things about our relationship. I cry at the end of the movie Field of Dreams when Ray says; "Hey dad, wanna have a catch?" In his last years, he came to many of my adult baseball games and sat behind home plate (I was the catcher) encouraging me. I am sure that you have some memories of dad too...

___ 1. Who was David's father?
(a) Saul, (b) Jonathan, (c) Jesse, (d) Samuel.

___ 2. His name means" "father of a great multitude."
(a) Abraham, (b) Adam, (c) Noah, (d) David.

___ 3. She stole her father's household gods:
(a) Ruth, (b) Rachel, (c) Leah, (d) Naomi.

___ 4. He was Abraham's father;
(a) Haran, (b) Terah, (c) Methuselah, (d) Laban.

___ 5. "Honor thy father and mother is which of the ten commandments?
(a) 4th, (b) 5th, (c) 6th, (d) 7th.

___ 6. This father came to Jesus to seek help for his gravely ill daughter;
(a) Cornelius, (b) Simeon, (c) Jairus, (d) Lazarus.

___ 7. Who was the father of James, the disciple?
(a) Joseph, (b) John, (c) Zechariah, (d) Zebedee.

___ 8. Paul was writing to whom when he said; "I will receive you and will be a father unto you and you shall be my sons and daughters?
(a) Corinthians, (b) Romans, (c) Colossians, (d) Thessalonians.

___ 9. Which word means father?
(a) Yahew, (b) Abba, (c) Rabbi, (d) Elohim, (e) Eheyeh.

___10. Who does James say is the "source of every good and perfect gift?"
(a) Father of lights, (b) Father of mercies, (c) Father of glory, (d) Father of spirits.

___11. What should one not do before men other wise they will have no reward of the Father in heaven?
(a) lie, (b) alms, (c) beg, (d) speak in tongues.

___12. Of what nationality was Timothy's father?
(a) Jewish, (b) Roman, (c) Italian, (d) Greek.

___13. The punishment for hitting or cursing their father was;
(a) death, (b) flogging, (c) banishment.

I hope you have a great weekend and a wonderful day of worship on His day... Love mark Phil. 4:11

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