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A Favorite Failure

"Peter replied, 'Even if all fall away on account of you, I never will' " Matt.26:33).

Do you root for underdogs? I guess it is a normal to root for someone that we don't expect to win. Sometimes I think that Peter is that guy. Just when we think that he has said or done something about as outlandish as possible, he does it again. Maybe the crowning thing is his affirmation of courage in today's verse..Jesus has let the disciples know of His fate, and says; "This very night you will all fall away on account of me" (V 31). Peter the impetuous one replies with..."I will never." Without belaboring a familiar story, Peter not only shrinks away, but denies that he even knew Jesus three times. We know that Peter and the others had followed Jesus during the Passover and had to have sensed the danger. Jesus warned Peter that very night of the spiritual danger confronting him, but maybe that adrenaline took over again, and the conversation just didn't register. Our friend Peter was scared...He feared for Jesus and he feared for himself, to the point that in his third denial, he let loose with a string of expletives. Can you even imagine the grief and fear when he heard that crowing rooster?

One more time, Peter has failed the test of faith. But here's what we really like about him. Judas could not face his failures and committed suicide. Peter looked his failure straight in the eye and moved forward. To use a line from an old Sinatra song, "he picked himself up and got back in the race." What a wonderful lesson in courage for all of us, in all aspects of life, but especially spiritual. We are humans and will always mess up. We will have moments when our faith might waver. Peter has set the tone for us by continuing to find the courage necessary to face life. He always knew which way to turn, and it was always to his Savior. When he sinned, he faced his failure. He found the forgiveness and the courage necessary to move ahead and continue in the way of the Lord. When we err, shame and grief may want to derail us too. Peter has shown us how to find the courage to be strong and stay the course....

Have a great day..... Make a difference... Love mark Phil. 4:11

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