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"You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden"

Are you a "big city" person or a "small town" one? Jane was born on a farm in KS, but that has not stopped her from enjoying the big cities. She especially likes New York City, (I do too) but Boston, Philly, or DC will do just fine. Today's quiz is about cities in the Bible. Enjoy the trip...

___ 1. Paul went to trial in this city which was the capital of the Roman Empire;
(a) Athens, (b) Ephesus, (c) Rome, (d) Jerusalem.

___ 2. Jesus grew up in this city;
(a) Bethlehem, (b) Nazareth, (c) Bethany, (d) Galilee.

___ 3. Jesus was born in this city;
(a) Bethlehem, (b) Nazareth, (c) Bethany, (d) Galilee.

___ 4. This city was/is the capital of Syria;
(a) Babylon, (b) Damascus, (c) Nineveh, (d) Istanbul.

___ 5. This is not one of the 7 cities of Revelation;
(a) Pergamum, (b) Smyrna, (c) Thyatira, (c) Philippi.

___ 6. King David was born in this city;
(a) Goshen, (b) Bethlehem, (c) Nazareth, (d) Jerusalem.

___ 7. Cain built this city;
(a) Abel, (b) Enoch, (c) Bethel, (d) Babel.

___ 8. The Good Samaritan was going to this city;
(a) Jericho, (b) Jerusalem, (c) Bethany, (d) Hebron.

___ 9. Rachel died on the way to this city;
(a) Gath, (b) Jericho, (c) Heth, (d) Bethlehem.

___10. Which city was not built by Nimrod?
(a) Nineveh, (b) Rehoboth, (c) Calah, (d) Eber.

___11. What was Bethel's name before it was Bethel?
(a) Lamech, Bethlehem, (c) Luz, (d) Hebron.

___12. Jesus appeared to his disciples on the road to this city after His resurrection;
(a) Damascus, (b) Bethany, (c) Emmaus, (d) Ipanema.

___13. Jesus appeared to Paul on the road to this city;
(a) Bethany, (b) Emmaus, (c) Nazareth, (d) Damascus.

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