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Its A Miracle

"What are we going to do with these men? Everyone in Jerusalem knows that they have done an outstanding miracle, and we cannot deny it" (Acts 4:16).

What is your favorite Bible miracle? I have two. I really enjoy the feeding of the 5,000 with just 5 loaves and 3 fishes with 12 baskets of broken pieces of bread and fish leftover. Since I work out in the bay, Jesus walking on the water always fascinates me too. Today's quiz is about famous biblical miracles. I hope you enjoy cruising through you bibles...

___ 1. This man's sheep were consumed by fire from God;
(a) Job, (b) Ahab, (c) Isaac, (d) Cain.

___ 2. When this man died, others were raised from the dead;
(a) John the Baptist, (b) Paul, (c) Peter, (d) Jesus.

___ 3. This man was bitten by a poisonous snake, shook it off into a fire and lived;
(a) Joseph, (b) Peter, (c) Paul, (d) Jesus.

___ 4. He dipped himself into the Jordan 7 times and was cured from leprosy;
(a) Simon, (b) Naaman, (c) Nicodemus, (d) Silas.

___ 5. He healed Saul of Tarsus from his blindness;
(a) Peter, (b) Ananias, (c) Barnabas, (d) Mark.

___ 6. He made an axe-head float;
(a) Elisha, (b) Elijah, (c) Amos, (d) Joel.

___ 7. An earthquake open the prison doors for them;
(a) Peter and John, (b) Paul and Silas, (c) Shadrach and Meshach.

___ 8. He survived the fiery furnace;
(a) Shadrach, (b) Meshach, (c) Abednego, (d) all of these.

___ 9. This Philistine god lost it's head before the ark of the covenant;
(a) Baal, (b) Belial, (c) Dagon.

___10. He escaped the belly of a big fish;
(a) Gorton, (b) John Silver, (c) Jonah, (d) Philetus.

___11. The city of Jericho was circled this many times before the walls collapsed;
(a) 6,(b) 7, (c) 8, (d) 13.

___12. Through the power of God, he killed a giant;
(a) Daniel, (b) Joseph, (c) David, (d) Reuben.

___13. God stopped the sun and moon for him;
(a) David, (b) Joshua, (c) Elisha, (d) Elijah.

Have a great day and an uplifting and glorifying day of worship on His day...Love mark Phil. 4:11

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