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Lots of Bread

"If you are the Son of God, tell these stones to become bread.....Jesus answered, 'It is written: Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God' " (Matt. 4: 3-4).

Though today's verse is speaking metaphorically about bread compared to the Word of God, today's quiz is about real bread mentioned in the Bible....It is mentioned a lot. I hope you enjoy your tour through the Bible. Don't worry...This bread is non-fattening...

___1. When Joshua met with the Gibeonites their bread was;
(a) sticky and moist, (b) soft and grainy, (c) fresh and warm, (d) dry and moldy.

___2. Upon Paul reaching Troas, he broke bread on this day of the week;
(a) 1st, (b) 2nd, (c) 3rd, (d) 4th.

___3. Unleavened bread was also considered the bread of;
(a) laughter, (b) affliction, (c) travel, (d) health.

___4. He offered Abraham bread and wine;
(a) Lot, (b) Ishmael, (c) Melchizidek, (d) Malchishua.

___5. Along with bread, Jacob gave Esau this to eat;
(a) beef stew, (b) fruit, (c) lentil stew, (d) venison.

___6. Boaz told Ruth to dip her bread in;
(a) wine vinegar, (b) butter, (c) gravy, (d) herbs.

___7. Jesus said that he gave the true bread of heaven;
(a) Moses, (b) Peter, (c) Abraham, (d) the Father.

___8. A widow from this town first refused to give Elijah bread;
(a) Damascus, (b) Sidon, (c) Zarephath.

___9. Abigail took this many loaves of bread to David;
(a) 100, (b) 200, (c) 300, (d) 500.

___10. What happened to Jesus on "the night He took bread"?
(a) was baptized, (b) was betrayed, (c) had a vision, (d) was transfigured.

___11. What happened to the man who dreamed that he had 3 baskets of bread on his head?
(a) hanged, (b) restored, (c) promoted, (d) nothing.

___12. While mingling his drink with tears, David ate this like bread;
(a) meat, (b) pod , (c) honey, (d) ashes

___13. Though he didn't eat bread or drink wine people said he had a demon;
(a) John the Baptist, (b) Paul, (c) Jesus, (d) Peter.

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