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Are you a Jeopardy whiz? How about Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? This week's quiz doesn't have a specific topic, but will test your general knowledge..Enjoy the challenge...

___1. The ground swallowed him up when he led a rebellion against Moses;
(a) Izhar, (b) Molech, (c) Aaron, (d) Korah.

___2. Which prophet spoke of the gift of the Holy Spirit of Acts 2?
(a) Joel, (b) Daniel, (c) Malachi, (d) Amos

___3. After her first husband died, who did Ruth marry?
(a) Mahlon, (b) Pharez, (c) Boaz, (d) Elimelech.

___4. What Prophet told Hezekiah that he was going to die?
(a) Isaiah, (b) Daniel, (c) Ezekiel, (d) Joel.

___5. He took Judas' place as one of the apostles;
(a) Justus, (b) Paul, (c) Matthias, (d) Joseph.

___6. Fill in the Blank; Endure hardship with us like a good _______________ of Christ Jesus.

___7. The fruit of the spirit has how many traits?
(a) 7, (b) 8, (c) 9, (d) 10.

___8. Fill in the blank; Paul said, Walk in the ____________ and you will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh.

___9. The first person to go to heaven without dying in the flesh;
(a) Moses, (b) Shem, (c) Elijah (d) Enoch.

___10. The first bird sent from the ark;
(a) dove, (b) raven, (c) wren, (d) swallow.

___11. First person to build an alter to the Lord;
(a) Noah, (b) Abraham, (c) Jacob, (d) Adam.

___12. Oldest person in the Bible;
(a) Enos, (b) Enoch, (c) Methuselah, (d) Mahalaleel.

___13. God gave Hezekiah this sign that He would add 15 years to his life;
(a) great riches, (b) lots of kids, (c) fire from heaven, (d) had the shadow go back 10 steps.

Have a great weekend and a wonderful day of worship... Love mark Phil. 4:11

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